Perrin & Rowe Langbourn Langbourn handdouche slang E.5835
Perrin & Rowe Langbourn

Langbourn handdouche slang E.5835

Doucheslang handdouche

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The hardest and most durable finish. It is a brilliant silver with a hint of blue. This classic finish suits all styles of brassware and requires little day-to-day maintenance.
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It's a more delicate finish and can change over time as it reacts with its environment. It has been electroplated and is a shiny finish like chrome, but has a golden glow which can be described as a ‘champagne colour’. Its warm tones suit both traditional and contemporary models beautifully
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brushed nickel
Nickel with a matte appearance. It can also react with its environment, however the finish can be restored. This is a lovely alternative to classic chrome if you desire a different look, but with a similar level of maintenance.
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