Lefroy Brooks LB 1/2" mono headwork only  (COLD) PHL053
Lefroy Brooks

LB 1/2" mono headwork only (COLD) PHL053

COLD - 1/2" Mono Classic headwork only - no handwheel - (Cold from PHL004)

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Artikelnummer: PHL053PB
Bestellartikel: 15-30 Arbeitstage
Chrome - a brilliant, silver finish with a hint of blue
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Nickel - a shiny finish with a golden glow
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A soft finish which should be treated like a piece of fine jewellery. Traditionally chosen for more classic styles of brassware, we are now seeing it in more contemporary designs where it looks beautiful.
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polished brass
Raw brass and unlacquered. It is shiny and has been hand-polished. It will change as it reacts with its environment and daily use – we describe this as a ‘living finish’.
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